Google AdSense alternative program for publisher earning

Google AdSense is an online advertising program developed by Google. It allows website owners and publishers to monetize their online content by displaying targeted ads on their websites. AdSense is one of the most popular and widely used advertising platforms for publishers.


While Google AdSense is a popular and widely used advertising platform, there are several alternatives available that can be used to monetize websites and online content.

Here are some Google AdSense alternatives:

  1. Buzaq: Buzaq is one of the best advertising platforms for publishers and advertisers, where publisher can earn money through their website. Publisher can earn more money if they have good, attractive and unique content. Advertisers can advertise their business or sell products to customers worldwise.
  2. Adsterra: Adsterra is a performance-based ad network that provides a wide range of ad formats and high-quality ads. It offers competitive CPM rates and supports both desktop and mobile traffic.
  3. is one of the largest contextual advertising networks and offers high-quality contextual ads. It serves relevant ads based on the content of your website and provides various ad formats.
  4. Amazon Associates: Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners to earn commissions by promoting Amazon products on their websites. When visitors click on affiliate links and make purchases, the website owner earns a percentage of the sale.
  5. Adversal: Adversal is a CPM-based advertising network that offers various ad formats and high CPM rates. It accepts publishers with moderate traffic requirements and provides timely payments.
  6. PropellerAds: PropellerAds is a global advertising network that offers multiple ad formats, including push notifications, native ads, pop-unders, and more. It provides a user-friendly interface and supports publishers with various traffic levels.
  7. Sovrn (formerly VigLink): Sovrn is an advertising network that specializes in affiliate marketing. It automatically monetizes product links on your website by converting them into affiliate links, allowing you to earn commissions from the resulting sales.
  8. Ezoic: Ezoic is an AI-driven platform that optimizes ad placements and layouts to maximize revenue. It offers ad testing, site speed optimization, and various monetization options.
  9. MediaVine: MediaVine is an ad management platform that focuses on premium ad inventory. It offers advanced ad optimization, high CPM rates, and access to exclusive ad partners.
  10. Infolinks: Infolinks is an in-text advertising network that converts keywords on your website into ad links. It provides various ad formats, including in-text ads, in-fold ads, and more.
  11. BuySellAds: BuySellAds is a marketplace that connects advertisers and publishers directly. It offers various ad formats, including display ads, native ads, sponsored content, and more.

It’s important to research and evaluate each alternative based on your website’s niche, traffic volume, and monetization goals to choose the one that best suits your needs. Additionally, some alternatives may have specific requirements or policies that need to be considered before signing up.

Here’s how Google AdSense works:

  1. Website owners or publishers sign up for an AdSense account through the Google AdSense website.
  2. Once approved, publishers can generate ad code from their AdSense account.
  3. The generated ad code is then inserted into the HTML of the publisher’s website where they want the ads to appear.
  4. When a visitor comes to the website, the ad code is executed, and Google’s system displays relevant ads based on the website’s content and the visitor’s browsing history.
  5. When a visitor clicks on an ad, the publisher earns revenue. The amount of revenue generated depends on factors such as the ad’s cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM), and the overall performance of the ads on the website.
  6. Google handles the ad serving, tracking, and payment processes, and provides publishers with detailed reports and analytics to track their earnings and ad performance.

Google AdSense offers various ad formats, including text ads, display ads, responsive ads, and native ads, which can be customized to match the look and feel of the publisher’s website. It also provides targeting options to help publishers deliver more relevant ads to their audience.

It’s important to note that getting approved for AdSense requires compliance with Google’s policies and guidelines. Publishers need to have a website with sufficient high-quality content, adhere to copyright rules, and comply with AdSense program policies to maintain a good standing and continue earning revenue from the program.

Overall, Google AdSense provides a convenient way for website owners and publishers to monetize their online content by displaying ads, helping them generate revenue based on user engagement with those ads.

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